Exzo Network Solutions

Exzo Network is the ideal platform to develop global solutions using blockchain technology.
A wide range of industries like financial markets, healthcare, education, and many more can benefit from EXZO’s unique and future-ready infrastructure being built.

We offer white label solutions for non-custodial multi-chain crypto wallet's, solidity smart contracts, and much more.
Decentralized Exchange

ExzoSwap Built In DEX

The liquidity endpoint for DeFi on the industries leading blockchains including BSC, ETH, POLY, FTM, AVA, CELO, and more.

We utilize smart order routing from 0x that splits up your transaction across decentralized exchange networks to be filled with the lowest slippage possible.

Our integrated DEX offers better prices, faster response times, and lower revert rates than any other non-custodial multi-chain crypto wallet on the market.
White label wallet solution

Multi-Chain Wallet

No forms, no selfies. Trade crypto anytime with ease. Build out your own highly scalable white label multi-chain crypto wallet by utilizing our core application for quick deployment and deliverables.

Our wallet solution can provide your token with utility and enhance your communities experience for viewing live market data, swapping, buying/selling NFT's, and more.
For Developers

Tools for Developers

Our GitHub repository offers smart contracts for various different types of tokens, NFT's, dApp's, and much more.

We will also be hosting bug bounties and events to earn prizes for creating a more secure ecosystem within our blockchain infrastructure.
Blockchain Services

Blockchain Technology

Exzo Network's blockchain being developed will be able to be implemented into a wide array of industries from Decentralized Finance, Healthcare, Financial Markets, Institutional Finance, and Tokenized Real Estate.

In a blockchain-based, decentralized solution to healthcare data, all authorized parties can access the same accurate and verified information in seconds. The patient has control over their data at all times and can grant others access on-demand, severely decreasing the risk of misuse and theft.
NFT safety

ExzoSwap Wallet

Store and manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies—and build a collection of rare NFTs.

Create as many wallets as you need, from a daily expense or savings wallet, to the one you'd use for blockchain gaming or trading NFTs.

Swap instantly by accessing hundreds of tokens with thousands of available trading pairs.
Launchpad development


We are planning to integrate a launchpad for new crypto projects directly into our ExzoSwap mobile-app to make it easier for developers to deploy audited smart contracts without malicious code and a more secure infrastructure of code to promote a safer community.
Our clients

We work with

“Exzo what I need and it writes everything for me. It's the ultimate AI blockchain system”

I have known and worked closely with Rick and Liza Looser, and the fine folks at The Agency, for almost two decades and feel fully confident in expressing my endorsement. There is not a finer, more dedicated group of people offering marketing communications and public affairs capabilities and services. I first met Rick and Liza when I managed earned and paid media relations for Litton Industries, now Northrop Grumman Corporation.
Tim bergling
CEO, Bitcoin
Our Products

Leading projects across NFT and blockchain


ExzoSwap Wallet

A secure multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that supports over 150,000+ cryptocurrencies that operates as a non-custodial crypto wallet. It features a decentralized exchange, NFT marketplace, voting platform, & live market data.


Exzo Network is launching their Exzonaut NFT collection that features the story of the EXZO community traveling throughout the galaxy and discovering rare & new features. The Exzonaut's will be a collection of 5,000 total NFT's.


ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) is a utility token that is utilized on our multi-chain crypto wallet.
Crypto Currencies
Blockchain Networks
Transactions per Day

The most reliable cryptocurrency

Our non-custodial ExzoSwap multi-chain wallet and decentralized exchange (DEX) will enable users to send, receive, swap, and store 150,000+ cryptocurrencies and altcoins. We have integrated several blockchain networks to make this possible including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Binance SmartChain, DogeCoin, Tron, and much more.
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