Exzo Network Blockchain

Full-stack. Battle-tested. Open-source.


Launching an
Exzo Network Node Validator

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Exzo Network Core SDK

Get started with Exzo Network Core Web3 CLI

What's in there

Exzo Program Library

  • Interact with Exzo Network nodes
  • Battle-tested smart contracts
  • Deploy programs on the Exzo Network

Auth Kit

  • Easy on-boarding using Web3Auth
  • Social and wallet logins
  • Get users started without a wallet

Relay Kit

  • Gas-less experiences using Gelato
  • Sponsored transaction
  • Pay fees in ERC-20 tokens

Perpetuals Kit

  • Seamlessly integrate derivatives
  • Allow traders to take long or short positions
Exzo Network RPC API

Immediate access to all RPC information to power your applications


Decode all actions of Exzo Network accounts

Monitor all interactions with the Exzo Network

Easy-to-use API with extensive information

Available across our native & EVM networks

Exzo Network ecosystem builders

See what web3’s best builders have to say

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Hacking on
Exzo Network Core?